HiTen has created the best business model for steel building component suppliers, with little or no start-up fees.

Our business model is simple. HiTen is a consortium of independent shed builders and shed reseller businesses. These businesses design sheds and send orders directly to participating suppliers through HiTen’s ACT shed engineering program. HiTen charges participating suppliers a small transaction fee on orders made from its members. This win-win business model has helped make HiTen Buildings become the fastest growing steel-building supplier in Australia. 

Supplier Benefits:

Accuracy – All supplier fees are applied accurately into HiTen’s software, including short cutting fees, consolidation fees and delivery fees.

No mark-up on materials – There’s no mark-up on participating supplier’s materials.  Suppliers sell direct to shed businesses and make HiTen’s members their customers. 

Electronic Data Interchange – HiTen offers EDI to suppliers to reduce errors caused with human input. Orders can be sent directly into the manufacturers ERP system, and then into the roll forming machines, reducing the need for human intervention and costly mistakes.

New customers – HiTen’s members are your customers. Our members are independent shed businesses (not franchises) and are free to buy direct from the suppliers they want to work and grow with.

Accurate bill of materials – HiTen’s provides its participating suppliers with a price file template to manage and update their own price files.   This ensures orders are 100% accurate. 

Reduced costs – There is no middleman mark-up. No upfront investment, and your cost of sales are dramatically reduced. 

HiTen Buildings provides its buyer members with a full-service solution including the ACT Shed engineering program, training, support, custom engineering and engineering sign off in all states and territories. Suppliers can focus on their core business of manufacturing shed components and materials, rather than investing and managing engineering and IT services.