About HiTen Buildings

About HiTen Buildings

HiTen is a consortium of independent shed businesses engaged in the design, engineering, consolidation and delivery of high quality metal building systems through its authorised builder and reseller network.

We provide our authorised resellers with the tools to design, quote and order complex metal building systems compliant to the AS/NZ, AISC & IBC building codes.

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HiTen Buildings

Request A HiTen Building

HiTen’s authorised network of resellers have been hand selected to provide you with a quality steel building package, installed or supply only. Our buildings are available exclusively through this network of professionals for their commitment to quality, installation and customer service.

Use our simple Online Shed Designer tool and create your next steel building.  Your design does not need to be precise.   A HiTen representative will edit and price exactly what you want engineered to your site specific location. So, have a play with this fun quote request tool.  Upon completing your design, click the submit button and we will contact you to discuss your design and quotation.

HiTen Buildings

Become a Member

HiTen has long standing relationships with leading industry manufacturers to deliver custom and comprehensive steel building packages anywhere in Australia.   Your company will gain access to all of our services backed by the highest quality products and warranties.

  • Access to our design, quotation and order management software.
  • Access to our national buying group rates.
  • Access to our custom engineering department.
  • Access to our web tools, digital marketing and customer leads.
  • Transparency and support to ensure your with us for the long term.
  • Continuous free software upgrades.

Online Shed Designer

Build your shed online with our Online Shed Designer software.

Large Range of Sheds and Steel Structures

HiTen Buildings

Climate Control & Grow Buildings

HiTen offers limitless options to design your grow or climate controlled building.  Choose from a large selection of insulated panel types and thickness to achieve the desired ambient temperature inside your building. Our insulated panels are tested to meet the AS/NZ building code and your design will be engineered certified.

Design options are available to include accessories like roof solar panels, interior dividing walls, mezzanines, ventilation systems and hanging components such as fire systems or feeding systems.

HiTen Buildings

Rural, Farm & Equine Buildings

HiTen offers unlimited design capabilities for rural and farm buildings.A HiTen has the ability to accurately design an endless array of steel building types such as hay sheds, barns, paddock shelters, riding arenas and more.

Our rural and farm buildings are made from BlueScope steel and finished in COLORBOND® cladding, made for tough Australian conditions.   Support your local businesses and buy Australian!

HiTen Buildings

Garages, Carports and Garaports

HiTen can cover all your needs in garages, carports and garaport designs. Our range and configurations are endless. Add a workshop or storage area to your garage, or add a lock-up to a carport, for bicycles or tool storage.  Make a smart investment and build with Australian BlueScope Steel with the added durability of COLORBOND® cladding and ensure your investment will endure for years to come.
HiTen Buildings

Light Industrial, Workshop & Service Buildings

HiTen Buildings takes full responsibility for the design and delivery of your light industrial building needs. Our buildings are custom designed to meet your precise specifications and our authorised builders have the certification and experience to work in remote areas such as mines or natural gas facilities.  Our expertise, combined with Australian BlueScope Steel, results in unbeatable quality and speed of construction.   Use our online design tools and show us what you need.  Alternatively, upload your design and specifications and we will do all the work for you!
HiTen Buildings

Residential Buildings

A HiTen residential building is built with the highest quality standards using BlueScope high tensile strength steel and COLORBOND® cladding.  A liveable barn or ranch house could make the ideal getaway for weekends with your friends and family. HiTen buildings can be custom engineered to a Class 1 habitable structure.   Check with your local authority to ensure these types of buildings are allowed in your build area.

Join Our Team!

Do you work in the shed industry?   Do you want to pay less fees, upgrade your designer system and grow your business?   If so, contact us today and learn how to access our services and become HiTen reseller.

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